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Event Date Event Name   Event Venue Type WC NC IC Course Entries      
28-Dec-2019 Amstel Ice Swim Netherlands Amsterdam, The Amstel IISA Event       OW Published view  
4-Jan-2020 6th Ice Swimming Aqua Sphe.. Germany Veitsbronn Germany IISA Event   Germany Pool Published view  
4-Jan-2020 Biberschwimmen Langenlebarn Austria Langenlebarn, Austria IISA Event         Pool Closed view    
18-Jan-2020 Ice Swimming Volendam Netherlands zwembad De Waterdam E.. IISA Event       Pool Closed view    
25-Jan-2020 National Ice Swimming Cham.. Ireland Wild Water Armagh IISA Event       Ireland   Pool ENTER view    
25-Jan-2020 Kuh & Kalb Schwimmen Austria Schönbühel,Austria IISA Event         OW ENTER view    
1-Feb-2020 Open Dutch Championship / .. Netherlands Reeuwijkse Hout, Bode.. IISA Event   Netherlands   OW ENTER view    
1-Feb-2020 III Ice Swim in Morocco Morocco Aguelmam Azegza IISA Event     Morocco   OW ENTER view    
15-Feb-2020 International IC Altenwörth Austria Altenwörth, Austria IISA Event     Austria   Pool ENTER view    
22-Feb-2020 IISA GB CHAMPIONSHIPS Great Britain SANDFORD LIDO IISA Event   Great Britain Pool ENTER view    
22-Feb-2020 IISA Polish Championships.. Poland Katowice, lake Szlomi.. IISA Event     Poland   OW ENTER view    
28-Feb-2020 French Championships France Lac des Bois aux Dame.. IISA Event     France   Pool ENTER view    
29-Feb-2020 Zollhaus Open 2020 Germany Germany - Erzgebirge .. IISA Event         OW ENTER view    
2-May-2020 Arctic Polar Ice Swimming .. The Arctic Svalbard Norway IISA Event         OW ENTER view    
5-Dec-2020 Silbersee-Ice-Cuo Germany Langenhagen, Silbersee IISA Event           OW SOON view    
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