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Swim Information
Swim Date:16 Jan 2016
Swim Location:Parliament Hill Lido
Swimmer Condition:Excellent
Swim Time:14:17:00
Swim Distance:793metres
Swim Observer:Jeremy Irvine
Water Temp:3.00°C
Wind Chill:0.00°C
Qualifying Statement for Qualifier:

John had already swam in the sprint 122m event. The endurance is set at 10 lengths plus one for each degree above freezing. The pool is 61m long and 13 lengths make 793m total. He looked strong in the water and finished 6th overall and 4th male. Great swimming with a good recovery.

Swimmer Details
Swimmer Name:Jon Tribbeck
IISA Membership:COLD
Location:Salisbury, England
Age / Gender:49 (Male)
Country Association:Great Britain
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