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Swim Information
Swim Date:06 Dec 2015
Swim Location:Obernkirchen, Sonnenbrinkbad
Swimmer Condition:Excellent
Swim Time:18:00:00
Swim Distance:1000metres
Swim Observer:Marcus Reineke
Water Temp:6.73°C
Wind Chill:9.00°C
Qualifying Statement for Qualifier:

Corrections: Water Temperature was 6,73 Celsius (7,0 / 6,9 / 6,3) were shown on the Thermometers.
We will swim again, if the temperature drops unter 5 Celsius!
Swimming looked excellent the whole distance, recovery normal shaking for appr. 15min.

Swimmer Details
Swimmer Name:Florian Battermann
IISA Membership:ICE
Location:Hannover, Germany
Age / Gender:46 (Male)
Country Association:Germany
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