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Swim Information
Swim Date:04 Dec 2018
Swim Location:Lake 32, Cotswold Water Park
Swimmer Condition:Excellent
Swim Time:1:01:08:00
Swim Distance:3670metres
Swim Observer:Donald McDonald
Water Temp:7.10°C
Wind Chill:1.00°C
Qualifying Statement for Qualifier:

Phenomenal swim, pacing was consistent throughout. Exited the water smiling & was chatty with not even a slur. Was able to get himself changed quickly with little effort. Only mild shakes, quick and easy recovery. Seemingly effortless qualifying attempt, I\'m very confident in his abilities.

Swimmer Details
Swimmer Name:john myatt
IISA Membership:ICE
Location:Gloucester, England
Age / Gender:47 (Male)
Country Association:Great Britain


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