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Swimmer Details
Swimmer Name:GAILLARD Eve
IISA Membership:COOL
Location:Creil, France
Age / Gender:42 (Female)
Country Association:France
Swim Information
Swim Date:22 Jun 2017
Swim Location:England
Event Description:Channel swim crossing
Observer / Witness:Sharon Rogers
Water Temperature:19.00°C (high)    16.00°C (low)
Wind Chill:18.00°C
Swim Time:14h 20:00
Total Relay Distance:49.00 km
Interval Time:01:00:00   (hh:mm:ss)
Interval Distance:7.50 km
My Total Intervals:3
My Daily Distance:10.00 km
My Total Distance:10.00 km
Swim Awards:
Certificate from the CSPF for completed swim from Dover (UK) to Sangatte (France) in 14h20mn
(Relay team 6 pers.)
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