Oct 2018

IISA 3rd Ice Swimming World Championship, Murmansk 2019 - Entries are now OPEN

Entry Process:

1000m - if you have been approved by IISA or your country Association - please enter

All other distances - places are limited - first come first serve.

IISA 3rd Ice Swimming World Championship, Murmansk 2019 - Entries are now OPEN

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Oct 2018

IISA Board changes

Farewell, thank you, well done and Welcome

Dear Frozen ones,

As we grow and expand, we feel the need for more wisdom and experience on our board.

Ned Denison who has been on IISA board for the past 4 years has stepped down to set up Ice Swimming Hall of Fame, which is an independent entity with its...

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Sep 2018

Swimmers allocation and selection process explained

Swimmers allocation for the 1000m event

IISA 3rdWorld Champ Murmansk 

  • IISA has allocated 144 starts to the 1000m event.
  • The 1000m event will take place over two days.
  • Each heat will have 8 swimmers
  • Heats are seeded by time, not age group. Slow to fast.
  • Day 1 - 4 heats, Day 2 = 32 swimmers
  • Day...

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Sep 2018

IISA Annual Awards

IISA will awards exceptional performance by swimmers and contributors to the ICE



IISA would like to award top Ice swimmers and contributors to Ice Swimming.

Nominations are welcome by all to IISA by 30-Dec-2018.

All awards to be decided by annual vote of the IISA Board.

IISA will use its own media and marketing to publish the awards.

IISA will disseminate the news...

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Jul 2018

Greenland and Lesotho in Africa

Summer or Winter, North or South - there will be ICE!

Well done to two of our renowned ice breakers:

Jaimie Monahon from USA on her 9th Ice Mile in Ilulisaat in Greenland and

Fergil Hesterman from the Netherland on his 5th Ice Mile in the high altitude of over 3000m (10,000...

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Jun 2018

Happy Frozen Ninja Helen

Watch Happy Helen in the American Ninja program


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May 2018

IISA Goes Multilingual !!!

Dear all Frozen ones,

We have been quiet for awhile, allowing you all to defrost and enjoy the sun and the warmer water. DONT GET TOO USE IT. It will put you to sleep.

There is a lot happening quietly, behind the ice screen.

Here are few snowflakes to cool you down:

  1. Today...

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Feb 2018

Ice in Morocco

Welcome to the ICE -Morocoo

IISA is delighted to welcome Morocco to the ICE.

Aside from great food and beautiful country side, Morocco also has big mountains, yes! covered with snow. Here in North Africa. 

We welcome Hassan Baraka a renowned swimmer and OTHMANE IBNGHAZALA who organises the ICE in Morocco to our frozen team. Both...

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