Mar 2019

The World Cup Winners are ....


  • Stage 1 - Veitsbronn, Germany
  • Stage 2 - Murmansk Russia
  • Stage 3 - Tyumen, Russia


  1. Fergil Hesterman (Netherlands) - 170 points (2 stages)
  2. Christof Wandratsch (Germany) - 140 points (2 stages)
  3. Sven Elfferich/ Petar Stoychev (Netherlands / Bulgaria) - 100 points (1 stage)
  4. Stefan Runge (Germany) -...

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Feb 2019

A young Dutch swimmer to break the 12:00 minutes

Sven Elfferich , a young (almost 18y) manage to be the first Ice Swimmer to break the 12 minutes.

Sven, who unfortunately, will not participate in Murmansk world Champ, due to age restrictions by Russian sport ministry, swum 11:55:40 minutes in the Austrian Ice Swimming National Champ at Altenworth. 


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Feb 2019

ICE MILE no. 300!!!

300 Ice Milers from 39 countries around the world

IISA ID no. 300 has been given to Peter Shanley from Wales

Well Done to all Ice Milers. The frozen madness is spreading 🙂 

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Feb 2019

well done to Paul Georgescu from Romania - first Ice Mile

Paul Eugen Dorin Georgescu is the first Romanian to complete an Ice Mile. 

Paul is a well known open water swimmer from Romania. He has completed many crossings including the English Chanel, Catalina,  the Manhattan 20 bridges and few more.

On the...

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Jan 2019

World Records broken, World Cup ranking

Europe was faced with a hot summer in 2018 that kept and still keeping water temperatures in western Europe above 5C, to the frustration of Dutch, Great Britain and Ireland, who nevertheless swam in marginally above 5C waters. and swam well!

However, that heat wave skipped Veitsbronn who experienced water...

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Dec 2018

Antarctica Ice Swim

Definition and list of Antarctica Swims to date

Antarctica ICE Swim

  • An Ice Swim of 1000m or more
  • According to IISA swimming and safety rules in
  • Latitude of 60S or further South
  • (to the best of our knowledge of existing swims records)




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Nov 2018

Welcome Argentina and Chile to the ICE

The South Americans are here!

Maria Cristina Ganem the first Argentinian Woman ICE Miler and the second Argentinian Ice Miler.


Juan cuyul from Punta Arenas, Chile - You are an Ice Miler and the first one in Chile!. 

Well done Juan and Maria. Bring it on South America. 

Welcome and be safe.

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Nov 2018

New Ice Mile costs

Dear all you frozen ones

We have decided to increase Ice Mile costs slightly to be able to afford website and brand developments.

The price increase will take effect from 7-Nov-2018

The price increase will effect first time ICE Miler mostly.

New fees:

  • First Ice Mile $125
  • Repeat Ice Mile $75
  • Ice Mile 5+ $50

The more...

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