May 2018

IISA Goes Multilingual !!!

Dear all Frozen ones,

We have been quiet for awhile, allowing you all to defrost and enjoy the sun and the warmer water. DONT GET TOO USE IT. It will put you to sleep.

There is a lot happening quietly, behind the ice screen.

Here are few snowflakes to cool you down:

  1. Today...

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Feb 2018

Ice in Morocco

Welcome to the ICE -Morocoo

IISA is delighted to welcome Morocco to the ICE.

Aside from great food and beautiful country side, Morocco also has big mountains, yes! covered with snow. Here in North Africa. 

We welcome Hassan Baraka a renowned swimmer and OTHMANE IBNGHAZALA who organises the ICE in Morocco to our frozen team. Both...

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Dec 2017

It’s a big country—somebody’s gotta run it

We'll be introducing you to leaders within the International Ice Swimming Association in the coming weeks. Next up is IISA USA Chair Rena Demeo.

rena demeo leads American Ice Swimming from her ocean-side perch in Nahant, Massachusetts. The 48-year old swimmer got into ice swimming about four years ago,...

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Dec 2017

Richard Broer turns a lifelong passion for swimming into support for Dutch Ice Swimmers 

We'll be introducing you to leaders within the International Ice Swimming Association in the coming weeks. First up is IISA Netherlands Chair and IISA Board Member Richard Broer.

Richard Broer was born in The Hague but now lives in nearby Voorburg. Although Richard hasn’t yet completed an ice event himself,...

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Dec 2017

Registration now open for some seriously fun ice swimming craic at Wild Water Armagh!

On Saturday, 27 January 2018, swimmers from around the world will head to Armagh in Northern Ireland for an IISA World Cup event. The event will be staged at Wild Water Armagh, AKA Conroy’s Pond, a two-lane wide, 25-meter long, purpose-built outdoor winter swimming venue that has hosted the...

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Dec 2017

IISA is now on Instagram!

Instagram is the perfect platform for sharing your best pictures, and we know ice swimming is well-suited for providing many a spectacular photographic moment. Follow us on Insta and add your own images. We'll see you in the ice AND the pixels!

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Nov 2017

Meet the ICE Ironman and the ICE Ironwoman

Triathletes and ice swimmers are incredible athletes in their respective sports. But there are a unique subset of triathletes who are also ice swimmers and vice versa. These rare athletes are known either as an Ice Ironman or an Ice Ironwoman.
The Ice Ironmen and...

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Nov 2017

There’s an event for everyone at the Dutch Open Ice Swimming competition this January

Mid-January is a great time to hop in an outdoor pool in Holland and go for a swim. And you’ll have an opportunity to do just that between Friday 19 and Sunday 21 January 2018 if you take part in the Dutch Open Ice Swimming event at Zwembad Waterdam...

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