Bruno Dobermann a 57y old German Ice Swimmer - 3 Ice Miles in 24h


Bruno attempted to complete 5 Ice Miles in 24h. FORTUNATELY he injured his foot during the 3rd mile, he finished it and decided to call it quit. Bruno had an army of support and medical team, divers and boats. Yet, going forward, IISA has decided not to support such endeavours.

Madness and ones desire to conquer new limits is not something that can be controlled, its a personal thing. IISA respect that and since we had no rules about this, IISA decide to recognise Bruno epic achievement. However, we don't wish to encourage Ice Swimmers to swim to their death. We are very well aware that we are in an extreme and dangerous sport, but, we also know that the ICE, inevitably, always wins.

So please, we can't and have no desire to control anyones free spirit and challenges, but as IISA, in the future, we will not recognise attempts as such. IISA doesn't support such endeavours. IISA was not informed about the swim.

Nevertheless, amazing feat by Bruno. A well know (mad one) Prof Beat Kenchne from Zurich accompanied Bruno. We are looking forward to see the the outcome of that research. Prof Beat has done 10 Iron man in 10 days, he himself is a truly mad sports man. He accompanied Ram Barkai an dAndrew Chin in their swim in Lake Zurich 2009. It was that swim that span teh idea with Ram Barkai to set up Ice Swimming as an international sport.

So please, be mad, be courages, but be safe.

"A true champion knows his limits..." Mohamed Ali



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