Announcement of IISA 1st World Championship Participating Athletes

The 1st IISA Championship will be held in Murmansk March 2015

We have received many applications and the organizing committee had to consider various factors in selecting the participating athletes.

The first factor was time, Cutoff time is set at 24minutes for safety reasons. Other factors considered were country and gender. Some countries are new to the sport and had one or two applicants where others had over 10 applicants per country. We have allowed for few swimmers on standby in case a selected athlete pulls out by end of January 2015. After that, the list will be closed.

We would like to welcome all swimmers who haven’t been selected to join us in Murmansk to support the swimmers and participate in the Russian Winter Swimming Champ. We also welcome all Winter Swimmers around the world to support IISA champ and participate in the Russian Winter Swimming Champ in Murmansk.

Congratulation to all you frozen ones that have been selected to represent your country in the 1st IISA World Champ.

Time to get cold and ready. Although this is a race and a world Champ, safety will be on the top of our agenda. When you train for the Champ, make sure your 50m splits don’t exceed 80sec.

We wish you all a great festive season, snow or beach, family and friends.

See you all in Murmansk March 2015

 PDF file: Entries Murmansk



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