Ice Swimming World Cup

IISA Ice Swimming World Cup  - The ICE CUP

The abbreviated name will be - IISA ISWC


The IISA Ice Swimming World Cup purpose is to create an annual competition across the events and encourage swimmers to travel and participate in other countries events.

All the points calculations and ranking will be updated by IISA after every event.

IISA Ice Swimming World Cup committee will strive to have events outside of Europe as well. Participation is open to all Ice swimmers.

IISA official season

IISA Ice Swimming World Cup season will start on 1-May and end on 30-Apr the following year.

IISA Ice Swimming World Cup  - Rules

  • The IISA ISWC will have 3 events per season
  • IISA Ice Swimming World Championship will be automatically included as one of the events when it is in the season.
  • Organizations interested in hosting an IISA ISWC event will submit their application to IISA in a formal written form.
  • Applications must be coordinated with IISA Country Association (National Federation)
  • IISA board will elect and announce IISA ISWC Organizations by 31-August in each season.
  • The IISA ISWC event name will be called “Hosting City Name” and IISA ISWC
    • Example “New York IISA Ice Swimming World Cup 2019”
  • The season award ceremony will be held at the last event of the IISA ISWC for the season.
  • IISA limits this to 3 (three) events per annum for the next years. The number of events will be reviewed yearly.
  • IISA Ice Swimming World Cup will have two gender categories Male and Female.
  • Within the Gender categories there will be an overall IISA ISWC winner M/F and an age group winners M/F (as per IISA Age group categories).

 World Cup Point system

  1. The point system based on place in each World Cup event
  2. Pool and Open Water course is allowed
  3. Only top 10 places will receive place points.
  4. Place 11thand onwards will all receive 10 participation points
  5. Point system[Place / Points]

  • IISA overall World record M/F [in pool course only]
    • will award the swimmer an additional 50 points
  • IISA ISWC Committee will review the point system annually

Criteria for Host City selection

  • Demonstrate the city ability to hold a professional Ice Swimming event at per IISA rules.
  • The event can be held in a pool course or open water course.
  • Have the ability to host swimmers from all over the world in terms accommodation, and conditions.
  • IISA recommends organisers to raise sponsorship for prize money.
    • Prize money usually attract top swimmers
    • However, it is not a compulsory criterion
  • Ability to attract at least 40 swimmers in total M/F for the 1km event
  • Event entries and results must be done on IISA events as records’ system
  • An IISA Official appointed by IISA must be presented at every Ice Swimming World Cup event.
  • Shorter distance as per IISA rules are allowed. However, the world cup will cover the 1000m event only.
  • The Event official will feedback to IISA
  • The last event in the ICE SWIMMING WORLD CUP will also be the Cup award ceremony.
  • Organisers must be able to host the Cup awards ceremony Organisers must be able to host the Cup awards ceremony at a good standard
  • Entry fees and event cost is at the host City expense



  • Event organiser can advertise the event as part of IISA Ice Swimming World Cup
  • The Event name must specify that it is IISA ICE SWIMMING WORLD CUP event.
  • Live stream rights or any liv e broadcasting rights remain within IISA domain
  • Host city will negotiate live streaming or (any other) broadcasting with IISA
  • IISA has the right to appoint a sponsor if it wishes so, to the city benefit.


  • Elected city that have not followed IISA rules and World Cup rules will not be allowed to host IISA events in the future and swim records in their events will not be recognised by IISA for a period of time to be decided by the IISA board.

Applications must be sent to [it will be replaced soon with IISA address]

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