“summer” Ice Miles

Jul 2018

Greenland and Lesotho in Africa

IISA Admin, 3 July 2018

Summer or Winter, North or South - there will be ICE!

Well done to two of our renowned ice breakers:

Jaimie Monahon from USA on her 9th Ice Mile in Ilulisaat in Greenland and

Fergil Hesterman from the Netherland on his 5th Ice Mile in the high altitude of over 3000m (10,000 feet), in the mountain. of Lesotho in Africa.

Such different remotely beautiful and challenging places.

Interestingly Greenland is in summer and water was 2.5 while Lesotho is in the winter with water tempo of 3C

Air temp was similar.

As we say, if the is a will, There will be ICE! 


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