IISA World Cup Series Stage 0ne in Veitsbronn, Germany

Jan 2019

World Records broken, World Cup ranking

IISA Admin, 10 January 2019

Europe was faced with a hot summer in 2018 that kept and still keeping water temperatures in western Europe above 5C, to the frustration of Dutch, Great Britain and Ireland, who nevertheless swam in marginally above 5C waters. and swam well!

However, that heat wave skipped Veitsbronn who experienced water temp of 1.4C and air temp of 2C.

The event was a great show of frozen swimmers performance and professionalism by organizers. A big well done to christof wandratsch who, relentlessly, pushing Ice Swimming as swimmer and as organiser. It was a great success. Thank you as well to our loyal sponsor Aqua Sphere Germany.

In the frozen pool competition was as hot!

A young German swimmer Alisa Fatum came and smashed the Women World Record and for the first time broke the 13 minutes barrier. Alisa swam 1000m at 12:48:70 minutes.

Well done to Alisa and welcome to a new world record holder!

Alisa also came first overall with 20 men swimmers and 22 women swimmers!

Well done to young Sven Elfferich from The Netherland first in the man category in 1000m.

Event Results

IISA World Cup Series Stage 1 - ranking

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