IISA World Champ 2019 – 1000m swimmers selection

Sep 2018

Swimmers allocation and selection process explained

IISA Admin, 29 September 2018

Swimmers allocation for the 1000m event

IISA 3rdWorld Champ Murmansk 

  • IISA has allocated 144 starts to the 1000m event.
  • The 1000m event will take place over two days.
  • Each heat will have 8 swimmers
  • Heats are seeded by time, not age group. Slow to fast.
  • Day 1 - 4 heats, Day 2 = 32 swimmers
  • Day 2 – 14 heats = 112 swimmers.
  • Women 1000m fastest heat will be held Day 2 lunch time.
  • Men 1000m fastest heat will be held Day 2 evening.
  • There are no finals – Winners are the top 3 overall M/F and in each age group.

Allocation per country [this is a base case, it may change as we get interest and know numbers on entries]

Countries that has only 1 entry allocated can apply for two in case we have places.

Please submit your intertest to your country board. If the board is not active – submit it to IISA at [email protected]When submitting an interest – please state:  Time, age group, experience

  • The Allocation Philosophy is to maximise medals (podium places) per country.
  • That covers overall winners and age group winners.
  • Fastest swimmers overall will be selected first, yet, not all of them.
  • Following that fastest swimmers in their age group.
  • (Example… if you are age group 70-74 and you may get a world record for your country, you should apply even if your time is 24-25 minutes)
  • Entries will be open 15-October. Entry doesn’t guarantee a place in world champ, but no entry will certainly guarantee – no place in world champ J
  • Each country needs to prepare an A list and a B list, in case some swimmers from the A list can’t make it. It’s not an easy process but it allows for backup in case of no show.
  • We will accept entries of unqualified swimmers as long as they have qualified before entries are closed.

4x250m country relay

  • This is a very prestigious race.
  • It is 4 x 250m sprint in the ICE.
  • Each country can put forward a relay team. The team must be mixed. At least one male and one female.
  • Country should put their fastest 250m swimmers. There are no qualification and no requirements to have done an ICE Km. IISA membership and medicals will be required.
  • A participant in the 4x250m country relay must compete in at least another event from 100m upwards.
  • We will not allow mixing countries; all swimmers must have their country nationality as per IISA rules.


Good luck and See you in the ICE






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