IISA Annual Awards

Sep 2018

IISA will awards exceptional performance by swimmers and contributors to the ICE

IISA Admin, 25 September 2018



IISA would like to award top Ice swimmers and contributors to Ice Swimming.

Nominations are welcome by all to IISA by 30-Dec-2018.

All awards to be decided by annual vote of the IISA Board.

IISA will use its own media and marketing to publish the awards.

IISA will disseminate the news to other swimming media. 

Ice Swimmer of the year– Male/Female Category

Criteria – based on overall performance in Ice swimming: points in the World Cup Series, other 1k results, certified ice miles and accredited epic ice swims

Ice Adventurer of the year -Male/Female Category

Criteria – swimmer with the most interesting/unusual accredited epic Ice swims

Ice Adventure of the year –Team Category

Criteria – Team consist of two swimmers or more. the award will go to the most interesting/unusual accredited team event (example a relay, team adventure, or team event or special record)

Ice Contributor of the year

Criteria – the person who contributed most of the development of the sport in the past year

Ice 7s award for the year

This category allows to mention and awards swimmer who completed ICE 7s in this season.

  • The above awards apply to swims in 5C or below water following IISA regulations.

Icy award of the year

This category allows IISA to identify a man or woman or a team who performed an epic, unique and inspiring swim outside IISA 5C temp limit, but yet, extremely epic in water temp of up to 11C using IISA swim attire and swim rules.

In time, IISA will have an annual awards ceremony with its annual AGM and gathering. If it is a World Champ year, IISA will combine the awards with the World Champ ceremonies.


Name, Category, Gender, short motivation.

To: internationaliceswimming@gmail.com



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