Ger Kennedy breaks new ice in Romania

Oct 2017

Irish ice swimmer makes international splash

Elaine K Howley, 12 October 2017

Last week, Irish ice swimmer Ger Kennedy traveled to Balea Lake in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains to conduct some ice swimming test events (200-, 400-, and 600-meter distances at 4 degrees C) and help further develop ice swimming in Romania. Kennedy was assisted in his efforts by Streza Dragomir, aka “Ice Man Dracula,” in Bucharest who’s been practicing the Wim Hoff method of ice hole dips and well-being. Streza led Kennedy to the glacial lake, which sits at 2,040 meters above sea level and required a 2.4-kilometer hike to reach. Kennedy stayed in the nearby ice hotel and enjoyed his first ice kilometer at altitude. The water was 4 degrees C and the air temperature was -5 degrees C for that Ice K, which Kennedy completed in 18:30. His recovery involved a 10-minute walk, and Kennedy says the whole experience was “something special. It’s an untouched, pristine swimming location. To swim in crystal clean waters and view the high peaks around you when breathing is just stunning,” he says. 

Congrats, Ger, and we look forward to hearing about more ice swimming from Streza in Romania as the sport grows there.

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