First Ever – Ice Swimming Event in Antarctica

May 2017

IISA ICE KM event in Antarctica - November 2018 places are limited!

IISA Admin, 28 May 2017

Yes, it is true!

People done some crazy things in Antarctica, but this is one is the first ever Swimming competition in Antarctica. 

All done under International Ice Swimming Association Rules, safety, integrity an professionalism.

We will have a dedicated experienced expedition Doctor sean gottschalk who overseen many Ice Swimming events as well as extreme Ice Swim from the Everest, Lesotho mountains and the Chilean Andes.

The expedition will hold an IISA 1km Ice swimming event in the water of Antarctica with ¾ heats of 4 swimmers.

Each swimmer will be accompanied by a RIB and experienced expedition guides.

The Ship is equipped to recover and rewarm swimmers. 

Many more exciting things to happen. 

This does not impact on Ger Kennedy amazing 2020 Antarctic expedition. 

Places are limited and commitment is required quite soon. 

Read the brochure carefully.

Confirming, questions and anything... please email the expedition Leader [email protected]


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