Breaking ICE – news flash

May 2018

IISA Goes Multilingual !!!

IISA Admin, 18 May 2018

Dear all Frozen ones,

We have been quiet for awhile, allowing you all to defrost and enjoy the sun and the warmer water. DONT GET TOO USE IT. It will put you to sleep.

There is a lot happening quietly, behind the ice screen.

Here are few snowflakes to cool you down:

  1. Today and in the next few days, IISA will launch its new Ice Swimming World Cup. The announcements will be made by various Ice Swimmers from around the world and it (hopefully) will take place in livestream from this eve (Friday the 18th) in ten (yes 10) different languages. Please keep your eyes and ears open.
  2. We have just added Google Translate to IISA website. When go to or login to IISA site, you will see a Language>> button at the bottom left side. Select your language and the site will transform to your selected language. It is Google Translate, so it is not 100%, yet, it should be good enough to read, apply and enter.

Go and check it out! NOW.


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