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13Apr 2014

As the Northern Hemisphere Ice season is ending and we here in Cape Town are approaching our winter, I would like to say few words about last season and future seasons to come.

First of all, well done to all Ice, Nice and Icy swims and swimmers. We learnt a lot and we expanded our frozen horizons in term of safety, what is possible and how to do it safer, better and with quicker recovery. We now have Ice swimmers in 16 countries around the world, with South Africa still leading the board.

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29Mar 2014

Ice Flash

Well done To Ryan Stramrood, Toks Viviers and Gavin Pike for completing an Ice Mile in the hostile waters of Antarctica.

19Feb 2014

Ice Flash

Robert Hodgson (UK) - You are now an Ice Swimmer!
Well done for this awesome achievement and joining our frozen club.

18Feb 2014

Ice Flash

And... another bites the ICE

Well done to 4 new Ice 'Milers' - 2 from the USA (completed in December but late application) and 2 from the UK:

  • Jonathan Gladstone (USA)
  • Martin McMahon (USA)
  • Kathryn Ayre (UK)
  • Amenda Bell (UK)

You are now ICE SWIMMERS!
Well done and welcome to our mad club of Frozen ones.

07Jan 2014

Happy New Year and best of Icy wishes to all you Frozen ones!

Welcome and well dome to 4 new Ice Swimmers:

Jiri Kurina (Czech Republic), Mick Barker (England), Gavin Pitt (England), Paul Fowler (England)

All completed an Ice mile end of 2013. A special well done to Jiri, our first Ice Swimmer in the Czech Republic where they have a long staring tradition of swimming in Icy waters but Jiri promised (with Jack Bright) to grow the Ice Mile swimming sport.

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09Sep 2009

The open water swimming movement, started in South Africa by Ram Barkai and collegues, goes global!

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