Happy New Year and best of Icy wishes to all you Frozen ones!

Our first Ice Flash of 2014!

Welcome and well dome to 4 new Ice Swimmers:

  1. Jiri Kurina (Czech Republic)
  2. Mick Barker (England)
  3. Gavin Pitt (England)
  4. Paul Fowler (England)

All completed an Ice mile end of 2013. A special well done to Jiri, our first Ice Swimmer in the Czech Republic where they have a long staring tradition of swimming in Icy waters but Jiri promised (with Jack Bright) to grow the Ice Mile swimming sport.

Another well done to the Ice Machine from Estonia - Henri Kaarma for completing a record distance of 1.49 mile or 2.4 km in water temp of -0.3°C in the recent Siberian wirer swimming champ in Tyumen.

Who will be our first Ice Miler in 2014???

On other matters, we are looking seriously at our constitution and we will circulate it for comments to our global Ice ambassadors (they may pick the national brain...). We have learnt a lot in the past sever years of Ice Swimming. sometimes form mistakes or oversight, but as long as we learn and get better - the safer and cooler is our sport.

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