Dear frozen ones:

We are still looking at the list of competitors and we may be able to add few more swimmers. It is subject to Murmansk ability to increase their medical support to allow for more swimmers. We will publish any additions soon.


Please liaise with Irina / Dmitri (3 minutes) with regard to your arrival times in Murmansk and pick up from Airport.


All international swimmers will be staying at the AZIMUT hotel in the city Centre, a beautifully renovated hotel. The organizers will cover the accommodations for international participants in the 1km IISA World Champ. If you have friends, family or other participants in the Russian Winter Swimming event who wish to stay with you, we have received very attractive rates. Please liaise with Irina / Dmitri (3 minutes) with regard extra accommodations.

Room Rates:

  1. 1. Single (4500 RUB/1 night/1 person)  - approx. $81 pp
  2. 2. Double with two beds (2500 RUB/1 night/1 person) - approx. $45pp
  3. 3. Three-bed rooms (1500 RUB/1 night/1 person) - approx. $27
  4. 4. Breakfast is included in room rates
  5. 5. Lunch - 450 RUB/1 person - $8, Dinner - 750 RUB/1 person – $13.5
  6. 6. Reception/Banquet 20.03.2015 (official dinner) - 1900/2500 RUB/1 person - $34/$45

For bookings:

    1. a. First, Last names
    2. b. Dates and time of arrival/departure of the groups/persons
    3. c. Method of payment-Cash/credit cards

Information needed to arrange Visa support:

    1. 1. Name, Family name
    2. 2. Citizenship
    3. 3. Country of staying
    4. 4. Date of birth
    5. 5. Place of birth
    6. 6. Nr of passport, validity until date
    7. 7. Place of work/name of the company /organization
    8. 8. Position in the company
    9. 9. Address of work/tel. work/fax work
    10. 10. Address personal/
    11. 11. Copy of the passport
    12. 12. Confirmation that you registered on the site
    13. 13. Copy of the photo (face) for the PASSes to entry the Event

Dmitri: [email protected]

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