IISA Board

Founder of the International Ice Swimming Association. Holds a Guinness World Record for furthest most south swim: 1km in 1°C in Antarctica in 2008. Completed 2.2km in 4°C in Lake Zurich in 2009. Only person to have swum Robben Island crossing at night. Recognised by CLDSA as first man (with Andrew Chin) to swim 8km around Cape Point. Swam down entire length of Orange River in relay and completed the icy Pennock Island race in Alaska last year. Serves on the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association Committee. Keynote speaker at the World Open Water Swimming Symposium in LA, USA, June 2010. Ram also completed a 20km crossing through the Sea of Galilee, Rottnest and a fresh water mile in 1.7°C in Fraserburg, SA. In February 2011, Ram successfully completed three of the world’s most extreme swims in Patagonia, South America, including a world first rounding of Cape Horn. and more...

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