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Bruno Dobermann a 57y old German Ice Swimmer – 3 Ice Miles in 24h   Bruno attempted to complete 5 Ice Miles in 24h. FORTUNATELY he injured his foot during the 3rd mile, he finished it and decided to call it quit. Bruno had an army of support and medical team, divers and boats. Yet, going forward, IISA has […]

New changes/additions to IISA constitution The current Constitution and the new changes are now open for review. Please send any comments to IISA. WE gained huge amount of expense this year and any comment will help. Please endeavour to be constructive in your comments, however, if you really struggle with that, please go for a quick […]

Many attempts are happening as the Ice starting to retreat and the Spring is threatening the North.
Five Ice miles ratified, some new and some repeats, all amazing achievements.
Many records are awaiting ratification.

Well done to two new Ice Swimmer from GB
New Ice milers come out of the Ice dancing ….
Paula Cherriman and Sara Jarman from IISA GB has just completed their first Ice Mile.

Well done to new and veteran Ice Swimmers

Florian Battermann from Germany – well done on the 1st Ice Mile

Cerys Thomas from Great Britain – well done on the 1st Ice Mile – Just like Guinness, good things comes to those whop wait…

And last but not the least our emerging Ice Queen Wendy Figures with her 5th Ice Mile. Well done Wendy you are the first woman to join 5+ Ice club.

Welcome to our frozen mad club – You are officially FROZEN NOW!

Welcome to the first 3 Dutch Ice Swimmers

Fergal Hesterman – First Male Ice Miler in the Netherland
Pascale Leijer – First Female Ice Miler in the Netherland
Jacobus Guijt – First Male Ice Miler in the Netherland
The Ice welcomes the Netherland and its new ICE

Well done to Viki Brice and Cath Pendleton from Wales

You are now certified Frozen mad ones.

Kiki and Cath are the first women Wales Ice Swimmers. Regardless of false throwing dragons attempting to melt the icy waters, Cath and Viki found a semi frozen pond in Wales and completed their 1st Ice Mile.

Well done again.

1st Netherlands 1km Ice Swimming Event The first event held in Zwembad Waterdam Volendam, Nederland in a 50m open water pool next to the local indoor pool facility. Water temp just managed to drop to 5C. The vent was supported by several German Ice Addict like Christof, Conny and Markus. The Dutch team us getting ready […]

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