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IISA Ambassador of the year Ice age 2014/15 From time to time, IISA board elects to highlight swims or individuals that have spread our frozen passion around the world and has selflessly promoted our ICE in every possible way. Nuala, aside from her icy swims has also spent a lot of time and effort researching and […]

IISA Logo was created in 2009
Since than we have introduced a certain ICY design to our website and we have upgraded our Logo.
We will produce new badges and flags and so on over time.
Your current badge is perfect and beautiful.

IISA Country Association

IISA is a South African based initiative and is flourishing to become truly global phenomena. IISA and the sport of ice swimming needs this to be represented in as many countries as possible to achieve our big goal of taking swimming to the Winter Olympic Games.

IISA World Championship January 2017

Germany, Bavaria the city of Burghausen will host the next Ice Swimming World Championship in January 2017

Its a beautiful place south of Germany on the border with Austria, close to the Austrian Alps.

Burghausen venue is situated in a magnificent place at the foot of the longest castle in the world.

Get ready, start training and make sure you participate in your country 1km events in order to qualify for the next world champ.

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