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The International Ice Swimming Association (IISA) was formed in 2009 by Ram Barkai together with his swimming mates (Andrew Chin, Toks Viviers, Ryan Stramrood and Kieron Palframan) with a vision to formalise swimming in icy water. IISA passion is swimming in icy waters in every location possible around our globe. In order to allow for that IISA has put in place a well considered set of rules to allow for maximum safety measures in this extreme sport and to regulate swim integrity in terms of distance, time, conditions and safety.

IISA introduced the Ice Mile as its ultimate achievement of swimming in ice waters. An Ice Mile is One Mile in water of 5C or less. The swim must be unassisted and with one pair of goggles, cap and standard swimming costume. The Ice Mile is the ultimate personal challenge that should be followed with all the safety and controls in place.

In 2014 IISA introduced the 1km Ice event. The event allows swimmers to compete in icy waters of 5C or less under IISA rules for 1000m. IISA is set out to keep world records with its vision to include Swimming as a category in the Winter Olympic Games and make it globally recognised sport.


Date Event Name   Event Venue Type Entries  
5 May 18 2ND OPEN ICE SWIMMING .. Russian Federation Megapolyus, a cold wat.. IISA Event   ENTER view
11 Jun 18 IISA RUSSIA. Baikal Mi.. Russian Federation Lake Baikal Other     - -
14 Jun 18 Lesotho Ice Swimming 2.. South Africa afriski, Lesotho, Africa IISA Event   ENTER view

Feb 2018

Ice in Morocco

Welcome to the ICE -Morocoo

IISA is delighted to welcome Morocco to the ICE.

Aside from great food and beautiful country side, Morocco also has big mountains, yes! covered with snow. Here in North Africa. 

We welcome Hassan Baraka a renowned swimmer and OTHMANE IBNGHAZALA who organises the ICE in Morocco to our frozen team. Both...

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Dec 2017

It’s a big country—somebody’s gotta run it

We'll be introducing you to leaders within the International Ice Swimming Association in the coming weeks. Next up is IISA USA Chair Rena Demeo.

rena demeo leads American Ice Swimming from her ocean-side perch in Nahant, Massachusetts. The 48-year old swimmer got into ice swimming about four years ago,...

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Ondrej Pék
Ondrej Pék
Horný Bar
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Ice Miles: 1

Catherine Sunley
Catherine Sunley
Gender: Female
Age: 51
Ice Miles: 1

Birna Hrönn Sigurjósdottir
Birna Hrönn Sigurjósdottir
Gender: Female
Age: 45
Ice Miles: 1

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International Ice Swimming Association
International Ice Swimming Association1 month ago
Antarctica - know the history
International Ice Swimming Association
International Ice Swimming Association added 8 new photos.1 month ago
Antarctica Ice Swimming 2019 - open now.
Due to huge demand to the Antarctica Ice Swimming, we have opened the 2019, Nov expedition.
We are fully booked fro 2018 and we still see requests.
The expedition will take us to Antarctica and we will swim an acclimatisation short swim followed by a 1km swim in heats of four.
Each swimmer has an accompanied Zodiac with second.
We will have at least two Doctors looking after the swimmers.
Certainly a Bucket List adventure for Ice Swimmers.

Details on the brochure - places are limited!
Please share with Ice Swimmers... Federations...
International Ice Swimming Association
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Host city announced for International Ice Swimming Championships 2019

The President and founder of the International Ice Swimming Association, Ram Barkai, revealed the name of the host city for the Ice Swimming World Championships 2019 at a press conference in Winchester UK yesterday evening to rapturous applause. Murmansk, Russia has been announced as the location for next year’s event 14th – 17th March 2019 with around 30 countries expected to take part.

Ice Swimming is swimming in water temp of 5C or less, unassisted with one pair of standard swimming trunks/costume, one silicon cap and a pair of googles. The current 1000m female world record is held by Hania Bakuniak from Poland (13 minutes 5 seconds) and male world record by Bulgarian Petar Stoychev (12 minutes 15 seconds)

The announcement was also livestreamed on the IISA Facebook page reaching a world audience. This increasingly popular sport is now gaining worldwide recognition. The championships in Arctic Murmansk will be an opportunity for Ice Swimming to be presented as an aspiring Winter Olympic sport and members of the International Olympic Committee and FINA will be invited to attend and assess its viability. Barkai stressed that Ice Swimming has the potential to become one of the most exciting winter sports in the games and hopes that they may be considered for Beijing 2022.
The panel was made up of top international swimmers including Petar Stoychev - the men’s current World Champions and World Record holder, former 4 times Olympian and marathon swimmer World Champion, Ms Kate Steels-Fryatt - local Hampshire open-water swimmer, Chairman of IISA GB and accomplished ice miles swimmer and legendary Russian ice swimmer Alexander Brylin. Also in attendance were representatives from the host city Murmansk who felt honoured to be selected to host the championships after several other countries also applied.

The Ice Swimming World Champ has also introduced a disabled category for swimmers and a new distance of 4 x 250m country relay competition. The main event will remain the 1000m race, although other shorter distances will be swum as well.

Ice swimming continues to see massive growth in the UK and worldwide with members of the IISA now in 32 countries. Morocco is the most recent country to join the association.

For more information on IISA: https://www.internationaliceswimming.com/
For all press enquiries please contact Ram Barkai: ram.iceswimming@gmail.com

The Ice Mile Group


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