Apr 2017

Ice Breaking News

IISA revised Swimming and Event Rules are here

IISA Rules Flash

After lengthy process of consultation with many members around the world, other professionals and doctors we are finally ready to publish our revised set of Swimming Rules as approved by the IISA Board. 

The Constitution itself has been reformatted but no real changes have been implemented.

 The Swimming and Events...

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Apr 2017

Not too be missed

There are two landmarks one can see from space with naked eye:

  1. The Wall of China (one day we will have a swim around this wall 🙂
  2. Lake Baikal




    Enter Here

  3. Lake Baikal (Russian: о́зеро Байка́л, tr. Ozero Baykal; IPA: 

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Apr 2017

Welcome Michael

Well done Christof and aqua sphere

well done to Christof and MP brand for bringing super w inner Michael Phelp to ICE swimming. 

Watch this hold in the ICE! 

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Mar 2017

4 new Ice Miles in Poland

Four Polish hard core frozen swimmers has just completed their first Ice Mile as a preparation for their Arctic expedition in June. 

Marek GrzywaLeszek NaziemiecMarcin Trudnowski and Lukasz Tkacz

All trained hard during the season to make sure they are ready for their first Ice Mile.

Well done...

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Mar 2017

Ice 7s heating up

Jaimie leading the Ice 7s race

Well done to Jaimie Monahan for her Ice Mile number 5 - in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. 

Jaimie is certainly covering the frozen locations around the world. From Boston to Iceland to Norway and Morocco ...where next???




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Mar 2017

28 Ice Miles in February

28 Ice Miles were swam in 3 different continents in February

14 Ice Miles by female swimmers and 14 by Male swimmers - The ICE supports gender equality 🙂

Out of these 28 ICERs 15 are new Ice Milers - welcome to our mad and frozen world, and 13 are already...

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Feb 2017

a note from IISA chairman

World Champ

We had an amazing World Champ in Germany. It was professional with high level of competition and participation. 

Thank you Germany, Burghaseun and the Team.

A lot of amazing work is done all over the ICE. Just amazing to see how much we have grown since the last season. 


In the past few...

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Feb 2017

We are getting wiser and better

A marathon Course

Friday night, ended at midnight and attended by Frozen IISA Members from Yorkshire and more...

Well done to all for your and thank you for your patience, contribution and enthusiasm.


Be Safe and See you all in the ICE 


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