Ice Miles in January

Feb 2017

and many more to follow

IISA Admin, 5 February 2017

Well done and Wellcome to new and veteran Ice Swimmers.

We had 18 Ice Milers in January:

GB is certainly in full preparation for the next ICE Age with 13 out of 18 miles while the Frozen Ladies are also in the lead with 13 Miles out of 18.

We also just hit the 200 Ice Swimmers mark. Elina Mäkinen our First Ice Swimmer from Finland has claimed the IISA ID 200. 

Remember, Ice Miler is a great achievement and a big responsibility.

Respect the ICE swim everywhere and be SAFE.

Swimmer Name Gender Country Association Ice Mile
Jane Mulderrig F Great Britain 2
Pauline Barker F Great Britain 6
Fergil Hesterman M Netherlands 2
Mark Guest M Great Britain 1
Alison Howard F Great Britain 1
Conny Prasser F Germany 1
Claire Bustin F Great Britain 1
Jessie Campbell F Great Britain 2
Wendy Figures F Great Britain 7
Claire Russell F Great Britain 1
Jane Mulderrig F Great Britain 1
Elina Mäkinen F Finland 1
Fiona Woods F Great Britain 1
Deirdre King F Ireland 1
David Coleman M New Zealand 1
Michelle leach F Great Britain 1
Campbell Watt M Great Britain 1
Bruno Cullinan M Great Britain 1

See you in the ICE


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