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Apr 2017

IISA revised Swimming and Event Rules are here

IISA Admin, 18 April 2017

IISA Rules Flash

After lengthy process of consultation with many members around the world, other professionals and doctors we are finally ready to publish our revised set of Swimming Rules as approved by the IISA Board. 

The Constitution itself has been reformatted but no real changes have been implemented.

 The Swimming and Events Rules on the other hand has been through a thorough review.

We have consolidated all Swimming Rules into one document and separated the new Event Rules.

We have added a new document – IISA Medical Assessment Form. After various meeting with a panel of doctors involved in the ICE through research and vast experience in events, hypothermia and expeditions we have compiled the Form which will be used as a standard form for all IISA swim.

We have relooked at the Country Associations and Board and revised the Rules to empower the Country Associations and its Board to drive the ICE in their own Country.

 The Event Rules have been enhanced but as we grow, we this chapter growing and maturing.

We strongly advise all IISA Officials, Event Director, and any member to take the time to read the revised rules. Some of the changes are subtle and some are significant.

Few of the major changes (NOT in order of relevance or significance):

  • Thermometers accuracy reduced to one decimal
  • Separation of Open Water vs Pool Course in Events.
    • Only Pool Course results will be considered for world records
    • Recent Open Water events results will be extracted from the World Records book
    • This will make some changes to current world records!
    • Open Water Course Events results will be used for the event awards only
    • National Championship required to be held in Pool Course to qualify swimmers for world champ
    • World Champ will be held in Pool Course only
  • Introduction of Consecutive Ice Swim Rules
    • Distances and time in the water for repeated immersion in the ICE in a period of 24H and 48H
  • Enhanced rules regarding presence of Medical Doctors
  • Age Limit for an Ice Mile increased to 18y
  • Introduction of Cut-Off times for all events
  • Introduction of new distances and temperatures for Swims qualifications
    • Water temperature for qualifying swim has been increased to 10C
    • A specific qualifying table for 1km, Ice Mile and Extreme Ice Mile
  • Ice Mile has been added as a possible distance for a new Event.
    • This was done to allow for better monitoring of Ice Mile Events rather than encourage them.
  • 200 and 100 Back Stroke were added to the short distances
  • A Pool Course vs. Open Water Course were added to Events
  • An Event Notification Form was added to the Website Event menu
  • And few other small amendments.

Thank you, all Members that contributed their experience, to our growing sport and its safety. It has taken us many and many of hours but the result is here, thank to all of you.

See you all in the …. ICE


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