From the Frozen Chair

Feb 2017

a note from IISA chairman

IISA Admin, 24 February 2017

World Champ

We had an amazing World Champ in Germany. It was professional with high level of competition and participation. 

Thank you Germany, Burghaseun and the Team.

A lot of amazing work is done all over the ICE. Just amazing to see how much we have grown since the last season. 


In the past few weeks IISA website has gone through some software upgrades. The upgrades were supposed to be seamless to the website users. However, an unsuspected Ice Bugs have managed to survive the upgrade process and caused some frustrations to several website users and especially to Ice Mile Applicants. We received a word that all Ice Bugs have been eliminated [until the next one :) ] We thank you for your patience and we are doing our best to assist each and every Members regardless of their temperature. We are also consistently improving the website and adding new features, some are painless and some bring some frost bites.

Medical Documents

 We have sorted out the loading issue at “My Account”, however, be aware that large documents take a long time to compress, we strongly recommend that you save you docs and pics not larger than 200kb before loading them. These documents are private and not visible. They may become visible to the Observer verifying your swim attempt.

 Ice Mile Swim Clips

It is critical that each application contains the required 3 clips. The video clip should not be more than 30 seconds and are not required to be saved in high quality.

Clips must be loaded to your YouTube account. Please make sure your setting are “not private” so we can view these clips.

You are able to choose if these pics and clip are visible to the public or not.

These Clips are crucial for the verification of an Ice Mile attempt.


IISA Rules

IISA Swimming Rules are receiving a lot of feedback and comments. It is a very good place to be when our global knowledge base is helping us to increase the level of Safety and Integrity of IISA Rules. We are revisiting and enhancing many area of our rules. We have to take into consideration the differences between the various countries participating in the ICE.

We are setting up the minimum safety requirements in a way that allows each country to enhance the rules in their Swims, Events or Clubs based on their local standards, if required.

We are sharing our knowledge and experience, however, all changes to the rules will take place once they are approved by IISA board on the 30-April-2017.


IISA Officials

We have now run several IISA Officials’ courses and we have 67 Officials.

The Officials’ course objective is to align all possible Observers in individual Swims or in an IISA Event to the same page. To qualify for the course, you must be a member and involved with IISA and posses suitable swimming experience to be able to Officiate IISA Events and Swims. The course is level one Official and we will increase our courses and education to make sure our swimmers are safe and the integrity of the swims are kept in line with our Rules. All the new Officials will be added to the IISA Officials page on IISA website in the next few days.

More courses to follow soon.

Be Safe and see you in the ICE

Ram Barkai






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