February was a FULL ICE Month

Mar 2017

28 Ice Miles in February

IISA Admin, 13 March 2017

28 Ice Miles were swam in 3 different continents in February

14 Ice Miles by female swimmers and 14 by Male swimmers - The ICE supports gender equality :)

Out of these 28 ICERs 15 are new Ice Milers - welcome to our mad and frozen world, and 13 are already Frozen ones.

Wendy Figures completed her 8th ICE MILE while Ger Kennedy complete his 6th and andrea startin received her ICE 5 certificate.

We had 5 new POLAR Ice Miles by Ger KennedyJaimie MonahanRory FitzgeraldPatrick Bolster and Kate Steels-Fryatt in far north 70N + Norway.

Great Britain swimmers are certainly cold - we had 19 out of 28 Ice Miles from all Over Great Britain, followed by Ireland, USA, Poland, Netherland and Isle of Man.

Well Done to All Mad Frozen ones. 

Be Safe and See you in the ICE!


We had our first FROZEN BUTT NAKED ICE MILE...

Swimmer Name Gender Country Association Swim No IISA ID Swim Date Swim Location Swim Continent
Ger Kennedy Male Ireland 6 55 06-Mar-17 Mikkelvik Brygge, Norway Polar
Kate Steels-Fryatt Female Great Britain 3 110 04-Mar-17 Mikkelvik Brygge, Norway Polar
Wendy Figures Female Great Britain 8 122 04-Feb-17 Harthill Reservoir, Carver Way, GB Europe
Andrea Startin Female Great Britain 5 139 04-Feb-17 Lough Dan, Ireland Europe
Viki Brice Female Great Britain 2 146 04-Feb-17 Lough Dan Europe
Cath Pendleton Female Great Britain 2 147 04-Feb-17 Eastern Bay, Lough Dan, Ireland Europe
Fergil Hesterman Male Netherlands 3 148 09-Mar-17 USA, Boston, Curley Community Centre/L Street North America
john ryan Male Ireland 2 161 04-Feb-17 Eastern Bay,Lough Dan, Co. Wicklow Europe
Catherine Hartle Female Great Britain 3 170 04-Feb-17 Harthill, GB Europe
Jaimie Monahan Female United States 4 178 09-Mar-17 M Street Beach, Boston, Massachusetts, USA North America
Jaimie Monahan Female United States 3 178 04-Mar-17 Mikkelvik Brygge, Karlsøy, Norway Polar
Bruno Cullinan Male Great Britain 2 188 05-Feb-17 Harthill Reservoir, Rotherham, GB Europe
Jane Mulderrig Female Great Britain 3 193 05-Feb-17 Harthill, UK Europe
Shaun Hales Male Great Britain 1 198 01-Feb-17 Hatfield Europe
David Stevens Male Great Britain 1 201 04-Feb-17 Lake 32 Waterlands Pursuit Cotswald Europe
Jo Hedges Female Great Britain 1 202 04-Feb-17 Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre Europe
David Stewart Male Great Britain 1 203 04-Feb-17 Bardowie, Milngavie, Scotland Europe
Thomas Gascoigne Male Great Britain 1 204 11-Feb-17 Hatfield Lake, GB Europe
Philip Jackson Male Great Britain 1 205 15-Feb-17 Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre Europe
Andrea Hawkins Female Great Britain 1 206 18-Feb-17 Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre,  Old Thorne Road, Hatfield, DN6 6EQ, ENGLAND Europe
Kathryn Pratschke Female Ireland 1 207 04-Feb-17 Lough Dan, Co Wicklow, Ireland Europe
Julie Lloyd Female Great Britain 1 208 04-Feb-17 Bradowie Loch, Scotland Europe
Seamus Bennett Male Great Britain 1 209 04-Feb-17 Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre, Doncaster, DN7 6EQ ENGLAND Europe
Piotr Biankowski Male Poland 1 210 04-Feb-17 Poland Gdynia Europe
Adam Walker Male Great Britain 1 211 04-Feb-17 Lough Dan, Ireland Europe
Carole Laporte Female Isle Of Man 1 213 18-Feb-17 Cringle Reservoir Isle Of Man Europe
Patrick Bolster Male Ireland 1 214 06-Mar-17 Mikkelvik Brygge, Norway Polar
Rory Fitzgerald Male Great Britain 1 215 06-Mar-17 Mikkelvik Brygge, Norway Polar


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