The ICE Cup purpose is to create an annual competition across the events and encourage swimmers to travel and participate in other countries events. The point system adopted from FINA with some added Ice, is slightly complex, however it does cater for a good fair competition and added bonus for the water temperature. All the points calculations and ranking will be updated by IISA after every event. Initially in a spreadsheet and eventually live on IISA site.

IISA official season

1-July to 31-April
May / June are bye months
• [this may change if we have a real demand for events in those months]

Basic rules

• Any IISA 1km events with at least 10 participants/starters can qualify to participate in the ICE CUP
• Event organiser MUST get IISA pre-approval by simple submission of event request and dates
• Events CAN’T be approved to be part of the ICE CUP – post event
• Any ICE CUP event organizer will have to contribute EUR5.00 per swimmer to IISA towards the annual ICE CUP Awards, this will be capped at 100.00 EUR
• Events must be within IISA season
• World Cup winners will be announced in May at the end of every season
• IISA World Championship event can’t be part of the ICE CUP
• ICE CUP records will be monitored and published by IISA
• Event organiser can advertise the event as part of IISA Ice Cup by ticking the required selection box when creating the event.
• The Event name should specify that it is an IISA ICE CUP event.
• A country can host only one ICE CUP event per season
• IISA reserves its right to reject a record or event as part of the ICE CUP if rues haven’t been followed correctly.

Participation & Qualifying

• Any swimmer who qualifies to participate in an IISA 1km event can take part in the ICE CUP
• A maximum of 5 events are allowed for point accumulation
• The best events’ times will be taken into the point system if one participates in more than 5 events.
• An ICE Bonus would be added for events in lower water temperatures [se below]
• The ICE CUP will have two categories Men/Women

The Point system

At the beginning of every season (1-July) IISA will use the standing world record for men and women and set it as the Base-Time for the season
Each swim will afford points for the swimmer, based on the following formula:
Base Points = [ ( Base-Time / Swim-Time mm:ss:nn) ^ 3 ] * 1000
The Ice Bonus will afford additional points subject to water temperature:
Ice Bonus = ( 5.00 – Water-TempC ) * 20


Slow swimmer will benefit significantly from lower temperatures.
A swim time of 20:00min at 0C may give the swimmer close to 2:00min in Ice Bonus points
The fastest swimmer may receive up to 30 seconds in an ICE Bonus


Awards will be announced annually
Top 5 Men and Women will receive certificates and awards


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