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The International Ice Swimming Association (IISA) was formed in 2009 by Ram Barkai together with his 4 swimming mates (Andrew Chin, Toks Viviers, Ryan Stramrood and Kieron Palframan) with a vision to formalise swimming in icy water. IISA passion is swimming in icy waters in very location possible around our globe. In order to allow for that IISA has put in place a well considered set of rules to allow for maximum safety measures in this extreme sport and to regulate swim integrity in terms of distance, time, conditions and safety.

IISA introduced the Ice Mile as its ultimate achievement of swimming in ice waters. An Ice Mile is One Mile in water of 5C or less. Unassisted and with one pair of googles, cap and standard swimming costume. The Ice Mile is a ultimate personal challenge that should be followed with all the safety and controls in place.

In 2014 IISA introduced the 1km Ice event. This event allow for swimmer to compete in icy waters of 5C or less under IISA rules for 1000m. IISA is set out to keep world records with its drew to include Swimming as a category in the Winter Olympic Games.



International Ice Swimming Asscoiation presents the 1st World Championship.
20th March 2015 Murmansk, Russia

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